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stephen bonsai board certified acupuncture chicago chinese medicine

Stephen Boznak

Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

At Health Traditions Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, we strive to make you feel more like a member of our extended family than just a patient. Over the 15+ years that I have been privileged to treat patients, I still take the time to listen to your story, treat you with very personalized care, and respond to your questions and concerns compassionately. I realize that healthcare is much more than the treatments you receive – it is about the connections you make.

I am an acupuncturist and an herbalist who specializes in Canonical Chinese Medicine™, a style of medicine based on the Chinese Han-dynasty classics. I have completed 400+ hours of advanced post-graduate training at the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine™ where in 2012 I was certified as a Diplomate by Dr. Arnaud Versluys. Since 2015, I have also been certified as a Fellow of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine FICEAM, after the successful completion of a 200 hours clinical internship.

During my years of training, I was fortunate to meet and attend seminars with Dr. Zeng Rongxiu, a world-renowned Chinese medical doctor and the founder of ICEAM. Since 2013, I have taught and treated patients both domestically and internationally alongside my personal mentor, Dr. Versluys. 

After all of my years of training and traveling to find the best experts in the world of natural medicine, I am still passionate about giving you the individual attention you deserve. Schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards transforming your health naturally.

Our Process

3 Simple Steps


Free Initial Consultation

At your free initial consultation you’ll meet with your clinician to discuss your concerns including current symptoms, medical history, any medications you’re taking, and most importantly YOUR GOALS. We want to be certain that our program is going to meet your needs and that there is a HIGH probability of success for you – BEFORE we move forward to the next step.


Detailed Assessment & Treatment Plan

Once your free consultation is complete, and we agree to move forward, your next step is the Intake appointment. At this appointment, your clinician will do a detailed assessment of your symptom pattern, medical history, and other factors to determine the root cause of your issue and devise a specific plan of action. Your first acupuncture session will be performed at this time, and a you will be given a treatment plan with exact, easy-to-follow instructions. Your treatment plan will include dietary and lifestyle adjustments as well as key supplements and herbal medicines to address the root cause of your concerns and address your most pressing symptoms.


Active Treatment & Symptom Resolution

You’ll return for weekly visits to ensure supporting your body, as it begins to feel the positive shifts of the therapy. We want to make sure your treatment plan is yielding the expected results. You’ll receive acupuncture and any other appropriate treatment at each visit to ensure that your progress is cumulative and your concerns are resolved as soon as possible.

How it Works

Subhead describing a little more of how your technique or process works and a little of what to expect below.

Specialized Acupuncture Techniques

Acupuncture is one of the most powerful ways to naturally stimulate your body’s internal healing process. Then, it gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. Acupuncture harnesses the vast healing intelligence your body contains to help you heal faster.

Customized Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine both strengthens the immune system response and reduces both acute and chronic inflammation. This dual action is something unique to herbal medicine that makes it very well suited to treat conditions like chronic and acute sinusitis, acid reflux, loss of smell and taste, snoring, acute and chronic cough, and more.

Simple Nutritional Guidance

You’ll receive a CLEAR, easy-to-follow nutritional plan. When your cells, glands, and tissues are fully nourished with the specific nutrients they need they naturally function at a very high level. This means you feel your best because your body’s key systems are optimized.

Relaxation and Stress-Reduction

When your nervous system is calm, your hormonal system, immune system, digestive, and circulatory systems all calm down, too. This means more hormonal balance, less inflammation, better circulation and nutrient absorption.

Why is our treatment so popular

Feel better immediately

People often feel a positive shift after the very first treatment. East Asian Medicine is a very powerful way to stimulate the body to change surprisingly quickly.

Results that last

The vast majority of patients don’t need long-term maintenance. Once their condition is resolved, it stays that way. Our goal is to get you to the point where you don’t need us!

More Powerful than you think

Your body is capable of healing ANY problem, especially when it has the nutritional support and specialized natural therapies we offer to help it get back on track. We’ve seen this firsthand in clinic over and over.

We treat you, not your diagnosis

Results vary, of course, but over 75% of our patients report improvement in their condition in just a few weeks. Many are able to reduce their medication use as their bodies begin to function at a higher level. Each situation is unique, however, and once we meet with you we will be able to give you our best estimate of time and prognosis of outcome.

No super-restrictive elimination or "detox" diets

Our program is all about setting you up to succeed. We find the 2 or 3 “key leverage points” in your diet and work on those. No impossible to follow meal plans or detoxes here. 

Simple Methods to Reduce Your Stress

No one is asking you to become a meditation master. We teach you simple techniques that are proven to reduce stress and calm the mind and body.

An Unparalleled Track Record of Excellence

Our Mission is Simple:

Supporting your body, energy, and mind to transform your health for lasting results


* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors


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